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Hi, this is Guilherme Suzuki speaking! I'm 34 years old and have been working with information technology since 2003.

Specialized in Microsoft programming languages and tools, I'm also very fond of the Linux world, having worked in projects involving the platform.

I really hope you enjoy this new website and its content, not only IT-related stuff.

+1 (647) 781 7390
Hey! Welcome to my New Website

This site was built with the web development platform I have more experience with: the ASP.NET MVC 5BlogEngine as its content management engine, one of the many CMSes available for us out there. Also I believe that Microsoft scored the place for "best development platform", not only for web apps, giving the experience time I have dealing with Java, Eclipse and NetBeans.

Despite having to put some extra time on it, improving aspects of the engine, meaning I had to understand what happens under its hood, I believe it was cool to learn about it. Reasons for that follow:

  • BlogEngine has its own Image handler, but it doesn't scale the files.
  • The platform is not ready to handle social network protocols, like OAUTH and stuff.

My intention here is to produce a variety of content, not only related to Information Technology and/or Tech stuff, but also as a way to publish my work, promote my awesome skills and, in a nutshell, give you guys a better idea of me.


Back in 2013, when I came up with the idea for this website, I primarily built it using the classic ASP.NET or webforms. By all means I was using Master Pages to handle all different versions of the layouts (for god's sake, I stopped at 3 different looks), so it was hard to keep everything tied together. I wanted to keep a history of how the website looked like in its first version and so on.

You can see how they looked like, all 3 versions of them, in the images below:

First look of the website
Second layout of the website
Last version in the previous format

Everyone in the business knows how hard is to make a website work and look the same in the majority of browsers, their versions, the devices, etc. So when I added a new layout (a Master Page in terms of the classic ASP.NET) or even a new feature, I had to deal with all the layouts and adapt them. (A pain in the a**, right?)

In addition, I tried to adapt the official BlogEngine layout for mobile devices, since I added so many things to it and the result was not good. In reality the pages didn't render properly in smartphones!

Ok, the website wasn't prepared for smartphones, the html elements were all over the place (kind of a mess), which ended up in limited traffic and number of views, right?! Not... being a huge Fedora fan and looking for alternatives to virtual machines, I was successful with VGA passthrough, coming up with a simple know-how, leaving complicated details aside and suggesting better pc components to work regarding the virtualization technique.

For sure I was really surprised with people browsing my website for that time being, despite not having written a lot of articles in the past few years. FYI, there's 2 images below: one I took when I just started tracking the views back in 2013 and another a couple of years after (using a free widget called

Tracking views [2013]

Tracking views [2015]

So, geeks all over the globe were looking for a not-so-common subject and the number of views, did give me the motivation to improve this website. The contents weren't even translated to english!


Thanks to PureCss, the pages are now HTML responsive... and I think it was about time to change from classic ASP.NET to MVC 5. I had chosen PureCss over Bootstrap, because it's lightweight and modular, simpler and no need for additional javascripts to make it work.

BlogEngine gives us the option to enable comments in the articles, through its own commentary forms or with a Disqus widget, but I couldn't blend both options in with my new layout, so I decided to look up online and learn how to deal with social media SDKs from facebook, google plus and twitter.

And what's next? Who knows, right? Good reading, bye... 

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