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Hi, this is Guilherme Suzuki speaking! I'm 35 years old and have been working with information technology since 2003.

Specialized in Microsoft programming languages and tools, I'm also very fond of the Linux world, having worked in projects involving the platform.

I really hope you enjoy this new website and its content, not only IT-related stuff.

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[OK Google] I bought a Google Home

In this article I will go through unboxing a Google Home and my experience with it so far.
  • [OK Google] I bought a Google Home

Hi Folks! I bought a Google Home a few days ago. Lemme smart with an opinion:

The Google Home
The Google Home
The Google Home
The Google Home: nice package!
The Google Home

It acts up like a girl. So I like it very much.

It tells me what I ask (not all the time though), it trains me to demand stuff...

Coodles to Googles @ California

The Feelings

Oh Canada for Scale!

They couldn't have gone with a better shape: a coffee mug (guess who the handler is). Even though the top portion is made out of plastic, the bottom is where they put the speaker and it's nice to the touch. Felt like I was in a church when I held it playing music... 

OK Google, are you listening all the time?


Setting it up with the Google Assistant

The steps are very straight-forward: you need a smartphone to download the Google Home and the Google Assistant. Both devices will pair easily (with your smartphone briefly disconnecting from your WIFI) and then you can share your internet, so it can connect with Google.

My final thoughts

I like it, it's great! I just think it would integrate right away with my YT account, since I enjoy music very much. Asking the Google Home to play specific artists, for example "OK Google, I wanna listen to Antonio Carlos Jobim", will make it go to Google Music.

OK Google, are you OKAY?

It is great!