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Rosewill NEON M60 - RGB Gaming Mouse

Review of the NEON M60 from Rosewill, a well-built RGB gaming mouse. Definitely a good option for gamers out there.
  • Rosewill NEON M60 - RGB Gaming Mouse

Hi Folks, a few days ago I bought a mouse on sale from Newegg. It's a 12,000 DPI RGB gaming mouse from ROSEWILL, the NEON M60. It comes with 3 additional side buttons on the left and the DPI adjustment buttons right before the mouse wheel. Changing the precision of the sensor is really easy and simple on-the-fly.

Here's the link if you wanna purchase for yourself.

I have been familiar with the RGB hype on YouTube, but was always like meh! Until today when I got it from the mail and plugged it in my computer.

It shines, it dazzles, it rocks the rainbow, babe!

Build Quality

For its price point, around 34 Canadian dollars with taxes included, the mouse feels very sturdy and well-built. The cable is mashed like all other high-end gaming mouses and when someone gets the RGB fever, there's a button underneath it to turn the magic on/off.

It has a good weight too and it feels very ergonomic (not for the left-handed though :/).


One thing I really liked about the mouse is in its shape: although RGB and coming with extra buttons, it doesn't look hyper futuristic and weird (but that's my opinion).

The Software

NEON M60 - Button Configuration
Different Mouse Sensitivities for Each DPI Level
NEON M60 - Software LED Themes/Effects

There are 8 buttons in total, all customizable by the way. One thing cool about the software is that you can configure the mouse DPI sensitivity according to its DPI level (which is not the same as the mouse sensitivity).

Let's talk about LED configuration: 10 different effects, ranging from only one color up to 7 different colors. Pretty much like my previous mouse, not from Rosewill, we can create several profiles with different configurations.



For its price point and for what it brings to the game (literally), this thing definitely deserves the WOWen Wilson SEAL of APPROVAL.