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Duracell - Power on the Go

A quick review on the Power on the Go backup power supply from Duracell, compatible with android smartphones, gadgets and some apple devices.
  • Duracell - Power on the Go

Hi, folks! This is a review of a backup power supply for android and apple devices, called Power on the Go by Duracell. It promises an extra stamina for virtually any device (or gadget) charged via a mini-usb port or the apple connector.

According to user's manual for the apple side, this gadget is made for: iPod touch (2nd and 4th generations), iPod nano (6th generation) and iPhones 4S, 4, 3GS and 3G.

Duracell - Power on the Go
Duracell - Power on the Go - Mini-USB port
Duracell - Power on the Go - Apple Connector

According to the product, Power on the Go features a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, with a 1850mAh capacity and an output of 5V DC 1A. It matches most power bricks (of course, non-fast charger ones).

Charging a smartphone with it

I've come up with a couple of tests for it: connecting the power supply on a turned off device with almost no battery (and only turning it on again after) and using it to charge an on-going smartphone with 10% battery remaining, hoping it can withstand the chore. The smartphone used for both tests was a Moto G3 (XT1544).

In the first test, it took almost an hour to achieve 35% of its 2470mAh battery. Letting the test run further, Power on the Go charged almost 50% of the battery, but it took almost 2 hours in total to do so. In case you need to power up your friend and make some calls or being able to write e-mails without a nearby power outlet, I believe waiting an hour is a fair time.

It may charge other devices faster than a smartphone, given that a smartphone still uses energy to give us a feedback of the charging process (and perhaps soft booting as well).

Please, notice that the product doesn't list tablets and iPads. Their batteries require a more powerful source of energy... so it happens when you try to use a power brick from a handheld device onto a tablet: it may or may not work.

In the second test, with my Moto G at idle, it took almost an hour 45 to get the 35% of the first test. Obviously, the time may vary according to power consumption.

Charging the device itself

Power on the Go comes with a short usb cable (1.5 inch long), so you can recharge it. Any android usb cable is compatible with it though. If you buy a Powermat (also from Duracell), you can also charge it wirelessly, sitting the Power on the Go on top.

Mini-USB port: recharging the recharger

Should I stay or should I go (for it)?

Well, it works, it gave me an extra boost on the go as it was supposed to! But, but... in my opinion, Power on the Go as an emergency gadget, in case you have no access to a power outlet whatsoever, is not the most practical one for you.

I think it's easy for someone to forget recharging it and when the time comes, realize that it was better not to forget recharging the target device than having to relying on it.